From the 1/14th Daily Journal Summaries for the month of
August, 1967

1 August 1967

Entire 3rd Brigade Task Force is assigned to the 4th Infantry Division, after serving with the 25th Infantry Division since it's arrival.  The 1st battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, would be moved from the Central Highlands to the rugged coastal area to assist the Marine Corps units there, and as part of those operations, Alpha Company was included in a Presidential Valorous Unit Citation for the period 1 August 1967 to 20 August 1967 (the other 1/14th companies were not a part of this citation).  Citation was issued 29 November 1972 (click to see portions of citation)

2 August 1967


3/B/1-14 rec'd AW & SA fire fm BT352078, 100m SW. Fire was rtnd w/ SA, and arty fired in support. Plt maneuvered toward the enemy loc and found a bunker. Near the bunker they found expended cartridges of M14 ammo, and 1 chicom grenade. While searching areah, point man triggered a booby trapped mortar or arty rd w/ trip wire resulting in 3 US WIA (1 serious, 2 slight). At 0700H 2.B.1-14 while moving south vic BT345094, had point man trip wire of booby trapped grenade resulting in 2 US WIA (slight). Dustoff requested at 0705H and complted at 0800H. Acft rec'd 5-6 rds SA fire fm vic BT354074 while taking off. No hits. Area being swept.


Aslt/1-14 has man injured w/cut arm. Extracted by C&C at 1015H.

3 August 1967


2/C/1-14 on CA detained 4 females ages 25-35 and 1 male age 50, all w/o ID cards at BT308146. At 1130H 2/C/1-14 detained 2 females at BT307145 w/o ID cards. Evac to Tam Ky.


3/G/2-11 detained 1 male at BT358147 w/o ID card. Evac to Tam Ky.


3/G/2-11 detained 15 VN males and 1 female w/no ID cards vic BT378155. Evac to Ly Tin Dist.

4 August 1967


3/B/1-14 rec'd 10 rds of SA fire while leaving night location. Fire came from 300 meters NW at BT351071.



1/C/1-14 sqd on island detained 4 VN males at BT429168 who PF state are VC. Evac to IPW cage.


B/1-14 vic BT373066 found a booby trapped grenade w/trip wire. Grenade had been in place for some time. Dest in place.

5 August 1967


Rcn/1-14 at BT438161 detained one fisherman w/o ID card. Evac to Ly Tin Dist.

6 August 1967


C-LRRP obs 1 VN male 25 meters NW at vic BT387155. The VN was detained and evac to Tam Ky Dist. No ID card.

7 August 1967


B-LRRP loc at BT357080 had one man trip a booby trap, grenade type, resulting in 1 US WIA slightly in the leg.


3/G/2-11 detained 3 males at loc 410106. 1 is approx 18 yrs old, 1 is 76 & the other is 87. None have ID cards. Evac to Ly Tin Dist.


3/G/2-11 detained 2 VN females ages 32 &36. No ID cards. Evac to Ly Tin.


C&C acft while siting on LZ vic 294134, rec'd 3 rds SA fire fm the SW at approx 400 meters. Arty called and fired 1 smoke & 1 HE. Area checked w/neg results.

8 August 1967


2/C/1-14 loc BT310133 is calling arty on possible mortar psn. Earlier they reported hearing 81mm going off 1 to 3 kilometers to their NW. Mortars possibly coming fm vic BT301154.


1/C/1-14 loc at BT296134. The Plt Ldr went outside the perimeter to deficate and was approached by two VC from a heavily vegetated area. The VC attempted to take the Plt Ldr's map and wpn. One VC was armed w/a submachine gun & the other w/a knife. During the struggle the Plt Ldr was stabbed in the arm and the leg. The VC fled to the south and was fired at by the Plt Ldr. VC were unsuccessful in getting map and wpn. The 1st plt is presently pursuing in the direction that the VC fled. 1st plt searched area and loc 1 US made knife w/ frest blood on it loc BT296136. Neg further results.


2/C/1-14 loc BT307145 while sweeping villages spotted 1 VC sneaking in behind the 3d plt as they were sweeping another village. The 2d plt pursued the VC resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). VC was wearing blue shirt, blk shorts, and was carrying 1 US grenade, 1 cigarette case & a wallet. Contents of wallet was 2 rusty razor blades.


2/C/1-14 obs one indiv taking evasive action fm the plt as he ran into a bunker. VC was engaged w/M14 as he went into the bunker. The plt advanced to the entrance of the bunkers and heard movement inside. The plt attempted to talk the VC out of the bunker w/neg results. A grenade was thrown inside resulting in 3 VC KIA (BC) wearing blk PJ's. All VC had military haircuts wearing Ho Chi Minh sandals.

9 August 1967


An arty msn was fired on susptected enemy loc at BT290156 resulting in 1 VN wounded by arty fire. Treated by ARVN.


3/C/1-14 obs 15-20 people taking evasive actions. They fired over the heads of the individuals attempting to halt them. One VN was wounded from friendly fire. 3/C detained 11 individuals - 7 females, 4 children. All evac to Tam Ky. The wounded VN brought to hill 54 for medical treatment.


Spot Report from ARVN - Results of arty fired by A/3/16 at 244151. 13 VC KIA (BC), 9 VC WIA from the 22nd VC Bn, 21st VC Regt. The WIA's were evac to 251148. The VC then attacked Hill 28 and as a result 4 laborers (gun bearers) were killed & 2 wounded. Eval A-3. Tonight the 72d VC Bn are located at: 250145, 247144 & 255140. This afternoon Vietnamese were monitored over the radio coming fm vic 265155. These people wee talking about lelectins and ballot boxes.


1/14th Base camp (hill 54) rec'd 3 rds SA fire from vic BT405145. A plt from F/2/11 was sent out and swept area w/neg findings.


2/C/1-14 loc BT312145 had an indiv attempt to enter the perimeter. 2nd plt laid down a base of fire and threw a couple grenades. Also had one M79 rd fired which didn't come from his element. Ckd area w/neg results.

* Note A/3/16 while firing msn on 8 Aug loc 244151 accounted for 13 VC KIA (BC) & 9 VC WIA. Eval A-3

10 August 1967


2/C/1-14 loc BT306145 found 1 family size bunker, 6; long, 4' high, 2 1/2' wide. The bunker was above ground. Inside of bunker they found 1-2 lb ham can containing dried up food, also found 1-US hand flare, illum & 1 US entrenching tool.


2/C/1-14 loc BT306145 loc dead VC (male) age approx 25-30. Found in a bunker, 4' long, 6' wide & 4' high w/12-18" overhead cover w/a large head wound possibly caused by arty. He had no wpn or papers & was est dead for 1-2 weeks. he was wearing blk PJ's. 2/C/1-14 3d sqd found 2-M16 magazines, one empty and one loaded, near burned out bunker at BT305145, & 2d sqd loc BT297147 found 1 US ammo can in some bushes. Unable to determine if it was booby trapped, so they tied a wire to the can and pulled it out. The can exploded and was filled w/metal scraps and glass. One US was wounded slightly but did not require medevac.


1/C/1-14 sqd loc BT307150 detained 1 male age 35-45 yrs old wearing white shirt & shorts, white straw hat, and GI sandals. He was moving south along the river and was carrying a GI lighter and no ID card. Detainee will be evac to hill 54.


2/C/1-14 sqd loc BT305146 found 1 bloody khaki shirt by a bunker, also found an umbrella & Chinese & Vietnamese documents. The bunker was 4x4x4'. (1 man)

* Spot report fm ARVN - Results of yesterdays arty vic BT250145, 274144 & 255140. 3 VC KIA (BC), 6 VC WIA. Also 75th VC Co loc 250145, 256144 & 258143.

11 August 1967


3/C/1-14 found 1 chicom grenade booby trap at BT313133. The booby trap was in bushes beside a trail w/a trip flare wire atch'd. Est the trap had been in psn approx 2 wks. Blown in place.

13 August 1967


2/C/1-14 loc BT326116 rec'd 5-6 rds of AW fire from their south vic BT326108. Called in arty. Area checked w/neg results.


2/H/2-11 loc 385136 found one 4.2 WP rd believed to have a pressure type booby trap because it was moved from the point of impact. Blown in place.


3/F/2-11 loc BT406103 heard movement approx 30 meters to his south. Unable to see anything he fired a couple M79 rds in the vic of movement. Movement ceased. Area swept w/ neg results.

14 August 1967


B/1-14 loc 349091 rec'd AW & SAW fire approx 500 meters north of their loc as they were landing in the LZ. Neg hits or casualties. Checked area w/neg results.


2/C/1-14 loc BT305140 detained one male dressed like a female. Will be evac.

Delayed Entry: At 0705 H 1/C/1-14 loc BT301138 found AT mine (155HE) in ground covered w/plastic. Dest in place.

Delayed Entry: At 0910H at 282137 1&2/C/1-14 rec'd 12 rds of SAW fire. They called in arty to the north. They pursued 2 VC, 1 carrying a M14 and 1 a M16. While pursuing these 2 VC they came upon 3 males of military age w/no ID cards, 14 women & 28 children. 3 males evac.


2/F/2-11 detained 4 indiv w/ID cards, but they looked suspicious and were wearing Ho Chi Minh sandals, plus one had cigarette lighter w/403 on it. Will be evac to Ly Tin.


3/C/1-14 at 272130 rec'd 30 rds of SAW & AW fire from the E, S & W. Called in arty. checked area w/neg results.


2/F/2-11 loc BT406112 detained 3 males: 1 age 30 no ID card & failed to halt, had to be tackled. 2-age 40 resisted and evaded questioning, also has 3900 piasters on him, had ID card. 3-age 35, no ID card.


When C/1-14 rec'd the sniper fire the detainees scattered and the indiv who was dressed like a woman escaped.


3/C/1-14 obs 1 male VC approx 150 meters at BT271130. Unit challenged VC to halt but VC didn't. Engaged w/12 rds SA resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 23 yrs old. Search of body disclosed 1 small bag containing 2 sets khakis, 1 PJ shirt, 15 yds new green material & 1 pocket notebook w/documents. VC dressed in blk PJ's, Ho Chi Minh sandals and looked healthy.


C/1-14 rec'd 6 rds SA & 1 rd M79 at BT277113 from the west & 8 rds from the south. Distance 200 meters. Rtnd fire & called arty. No cas. Area to be ckd at 1st light.


CAP-I while moving to night loc spotted one VC at BT336174. VC rtnd w/2 shots. Checked area w/neg results.


C/1-14 has movement on front of their perimeter. Two rifle grenades were fired into water. Arty called in. OP from 3/C was hurt slightly from grenade. Neg further sightings.

15 August 1967


3/C/1-14 rec'd 1 rd rifle grenade into their night psn. 1 US WIA (not serious); called in arty.


A rifle grenade was fired in between the 2/C & 3/C element. No cas.


C/1-14 CP loc BT276121 rec'd fire from three different locs. Called in arty. Swept area w/ neg results.


2/C/1-14 loc BT rec'd 4-6 rds SAW fire approx 30 meters south while entering hamlet. Unit didn't rtn fire. Searched w/neg results.


3/B/1-14 at 344077 found 8 bunkers, 7' long 4'high 4'wide w/a 2' opening. The bunkers went back into the hillside. Believed to be used this morning. Threw a grenade and ckd w/neg findings.


2/C/1-14 loc BT278132 obs 1 wounded VC throwing grenades at unit in bushes. VC attempted to evade and was shot, resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). VC wore blk shorts, white shirt, Ho Chi Minh sandals, also had lighter & narcotics which were evac to 196 Bde. Ave of VC approx 35.


C-1-14 loc BT278120 rec'd 6 rds SAW fire 1000 meters south of their loc. Fired arty, neg results.


At C/1-14 resupply loc (278132) unit rec'd a total of 4 rds SA fire; 2 rds were fired prior to acft coming in; 1 while acft was on ground & 1 rd was fired while the bird was circling. Believed rds came fm 273128. Unit rtnd 40 rds M16 and arty was called in. Area ckd w/neg results.

16 August 1967


2/C/1-14 entered a hamlet at BT275137. As they approached the hamlet on VC ran out on the northern side. An element from the 2d plt was in a blocking psn on the northern side and the VC ran into the element, he failed to halt when warned to do so. 2/C/1-14 opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) dressed in blk shorts, white shirt, military haircut & no shoes. People in the hamlet stated that the VC moved from their hamlet to the mountains west of the hamlet.


2/A/1-14 loc BT295103 rec'd 8-10 rds SAW fire from 400 meters SW. Didn't rtn fire. Called arty. Swept area w/neg results.


3/C/1-14 loc BT285139 obsvd 6 VC, 1000 meters of their loc. Called in arty resulting in 6 VC KIA (BC) obsvd through binoculars.

Delayed Entry: 2/B/1-14 spd loc BT349077 rec'd 10-12 rds sniper fire 400 meters NW. Sweeping area w/neg results. Time: 1405H.


A/1-14 loc BT290102 while searching village detained 1 VCS. VCS was hiding in bunker, while others didn't. VCS was interrogated by IPW rep but was unable to obtain info so he was sent to hill 54 for evac IPW cage.


Resupply bird while leaving 3/C/1-14 loc (BT270120) rec'd heavy volume of AW fire from 2-3 wpns. Acft took one hit. Gunships. Area checked with neg results.


F/2-11 loc BT3844138 detained 1 male w/no ID card and 1 female w/no ID card. Detainees evac to Ly Tin.


2/B/1-14 loc BT345077 while on S&D smn had one man step on a mine. Patrol was heading north along trail toward area of sniper fire, when indiv stepped off trail into garden area and detonated wire. Mine was placed in one of the high mounts & when blew leveled the mount and a small hole in the ground. The man behind indiv rec'd small wounds but not serious. Both US WIA evac.

17 August 1967


2/A/1-14 loc at BT293113 obsvd 4 VC moving into woodline at loc 284145. Called in arty resulting in 4 VC KIA (P). Checking area.


C-LRRP obsvd 1 VC in open at 275132; no wpn. Arty called in resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


A/1-14 at resupply loc rec'd sniper fire from loc 288113 believed to be from 4 VC. As they maneuvered into area rec'd small arms fire resulting in 2 US WIA. Rtnd fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) wearing blk PJ's, US pistol belt, 1-M-26 grenade & 1 pr binoculars.


C-LRRP obsvd 1 VC, engaged him w/SA. Results 1 VC KIA (BC), 1 AK47 rifle, 1 AK47 mag w/30 rds ammo, 1 US pistol belt, 4 booby traps & 1 chicom grenade. C-LRRP extracted to hill 54 at 1753H.


2/C/1-14 obsvd 1 VC thru binoculars at loc 270131. Arty called on target resulting in 1 VC KIA (P).

18 August 1967


1/B/1-14 at BT288083 heard movement & threw HG resulting in 2 US WIA. (1 evac and 1 not evac).


2/B/1-14 at BT293083 obsd 1 VC at 35 meters SW toward their perimeter. Unit engaged VC w/SA & ckd area w/no results.


C/1/14 detained 1 old man, 1 old woman & 1 child vic BT277134. Plt obs 1 male following them at 50 meters. Male fled south when unit engaged him. Plt searched area & found a bundle containing dry fish & a small amount of medical supplies. Plt set ambush in that vic w/neg results. Detainees questioned & released.


C/1-14 at BT276136 detained 2 military age males & 1-12 yr boy. Detainees remained w/unit since they volunteered to give info about the immediate area.


C/1-14 obsd 1 VC heading towards friendly element (concealed) loc at BT263134. Unit engaged VC 2/10 rds M60 resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) & capture of 1 AK47 rifle SN10094646. Bunker 2'x4'x4' was dest.


C/1-14 obsd gunships supporting 101st ABN rec hvy AW fire vic BT265128. C/1-14 moved toward loc to set up blocking force. 1 VC turned himself in as plt moved towards suspected enemy loc. AS 2d plt moved to vic BT262127 they rec'd 15 rds SA fire fm BT258124. The VC w/C Co broke & ran towards enemy loc & was engaged resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


2/C/1-14 sqd has picked up a Chieu Hoi wearing ragget clothes at 273137. Carrying a lot of money.


B/1-14 rec'd 25-30 rds SA fire from est 2 VC from 50-57 meters west at BT287085. Fire rtnd w/SA, AW & M79 & pursued VC to SW. Vic BT286086 unit found an ammo box containing undetermined nr rds AK47, 9mm & 7.62 ammo. Ammo will be evac to S2 196.


2/B/1-14 vic BT290098 detained 1 elderly man who was suspected of being the Hamlet doctor. 1 male of military age w/o ID card was also detained. IPW team sent to loc to interrogate.


When acft was landing at 2/B/1-14 loc (286088) to drop off IPW team he rec'd sniper fire from 289085. Acft took 1 hit. Unit chk area w/neg results.


A/1-14 obsd 2 VC in open at BT284107. Subsequent arty fire on enemy target resulted in VC KIA (P).

19 August 1967


B/1-14 at BT289078 rec'd sniper fire from the north. Gunships & airstrike supported the contact. Airstrike resulted in 2 secondary explosions of heavy black and white smoke. B/1-14 moved into the area and found 1 VC KIA (BC). No wpn or documents. Unit obsd 1 VC fleeing from the area and engaged w/SA resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) and capture of 2 chicom HG.


BDA on airstrike at 273076: 15 meters of trench destroyed & 2 tunnel entrances opened. At 279076 from 20mm 6 VC KIA (P).


C/1-14 reported that dustoff acft for heat casualty rec'd 6-8 rds SA fire from vic BT273123. No hits. Acft completed msn.


1st & 3rd plt of C Co in vic of BT258123 rec'd 1 rd & 4 rds of SA fire respectively from the west resulting in 2 US WIA (evac). Fire was rtnd & area ckd w/neg results.


Charger 914 landing at C/1-14 loc vic BT268123 rec'd SA fire from vic BT264124 resulting in 3 hits, 1 US & 1 VN WIA. 914 evac them to 2d Surg.


3/C/1-14 began maneuvering into a hamlet at BT274117 as they approached the hamlet the 3d plt rec'd heavy volume of fire. The 1&2 plts were maneuvered around the flanks of the hamlet as the 2d plt approached the hamlet they rec'd a heavy volume of frie & used fire & movement to enter the hamlet. 3 bodies were found and 3 wpns (1-AK47, 1-M14 & 1 Carbine). There were several blood trails in the area & the 2d plt followed them. As they approached a hut movement was heard inside and a VC ran out the back. The 2d plt opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) wearing blk PJ's & he had a pocket full of AK47 ammo. The VC was yelling something to someone in the hut & the 2d plt fired a M79 into the hut & rec'd a secondary explosion resulting in 3 friendly WIA, 2 slight, 1 serious. The hut was searched and 2 VC bodies were found badly disarranged from the explosion. There were 8 heavy blood trails in the area & arty fire was called in at BT268111 to block the enemy's withdrawal. There were many Ho Chi Minh sandal trails in the area. There was two small signs written on tablet paper and rocks along a trail pointing toward the hamlet. Further down the trail many freshly prepared postitions were found. Est to be VC platoon ambush site. All VC except one was dressed in grey-green khaki clothing. One body had a small notebook. Results: 6 VC KIA (BC), 8 VC KIA (P)& 3 wpns CIA.


A/1-14 ambush patrol sprung ambush on 1 VC at BT278098 resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) & capture of 2-M26 HG.


C/1-14 obsvd lights & hrd noises vic BT 274117. Arty fire msn called in & moans were heard. Area ckd w/neg results.

August 20 1967


3/B/1-14 at loc BT283070 rec'd 35-40 rds SAW fire while securing LZ for resupply. Fire came from the NW at approx 100 meters. Swept area w/neg results.


B/1-14 picked up 4 VC returnees w/o wpns at BT301161. Not classified as Chieu Hoi's until further investigation.


C/1-14 FO obsvd 20 BC in open at BT290117. Arty fire msn resulted in 3 VC KIA (P). At 0845H C/1-14 FO observed 3 VC in open at BT281112. Arty fire msn resulted in 1 VC KIA (P).


2/A/1-14 obsvd 2 VC in blk PJ's at BT264096 resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC) and capture of 1 pr blk PJ's, 1 pr marine PJ's, 2 pr Ho Chi Minh sandals, a newspaper w/picture of Ho Chi Minh on front page, a barber kit, medicine & documents & 1 M26 grenade.


FAC obsvd 2 bodies in crater vic BT269112. Ck revealed arty H&I's fired in that grid at 192030H resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC).


Intell Report: A/2-1 picked up a Chieu Hoi armed w/ old French rifle at 314069. Subject says he's a VC sniper and will lead unit to a well-armed VC platoon.


B/1-14 found 1 VN in bunker w/slight leg wound at BT287087. Suspect had training manuals in bunker. Unit detained 3 more VN in the area. At 1600H at BT285074, unit picked up 5 additional detainees, identified a member of VC infrastructure, 1 PF deserted, 1 returnee & 2 VC security cadre.


C/1-14 found an H-23 helicopter in river at BT269123. Acft was pointed out by returnees. Acft suspected to 196th Bde Acft that went down in mid-June. Unit rec'd SA & AW fire as they approached the downed chopper. Fire returned. At 1415H, 196th acft rec'd AW fire from BT264122. Gunships assaulted enemy location, one fighter rec'd unk nr hits from vic BT263123, acft cont'd to fly & rtnd to home station. 4 additional airstrikes were placed on enemy locations resulting in 9 KBA (BC) & 10 KBA (P). C/1-14 swept area and detained 3 military aged males and found 2 NVA packs containing SA ammo. Found numerous blood trails to the SE, 1st plt found miscellaneous helicopter parts, batteries, plexiglass, 15 rds SKS, 5 shot gun rds, 2 shot gun cartridges containing blasting caps stored inside, 1 UA HG, document, 5 blocks of TNT, 1 US 1st aid pack, misc VC medical equipment, 1 pr yellow khakis, 1 pr dark blue khakis, 1 pr black khakis, 2 white shirts, 1 green uniforms & 5 chicom HG. NVA packs also contained: misc SA ammo.

21 August 1967


Spot report: CAP-I reports a bird-dog went down at 325181. Acft was Air America Twin Beachcraft. 2 US & 1 VN evac to 2d surg by 1-14 C&C. 1 VN male, 1 VN female & 1 Australian killed in the crash.


A/1-14 rec'd AW fire from 3 different directions form est 3-4 AD47s. Loc 282092. Arty called in and gunships assaulted the area. Area ckd w/neg results.


1/C/1-14 loc at BT275117 obsd 1 VN male (military age) w/pack taking evasive action at distance of 300 meters. He was brought under fire w/M16. Results: 1 VC KIA (BC) carrying a PAVN pack & rice roll.


1/A/1-14 loc 264092 obsvd 1 VC running into a bunker. he was brought under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). There were 2 other people who were detained. 10 females and 16 children were released. Also at 258092 found 2 VC KIA (BC) by arty. Both dressed in blk PJ's.


1/B/1-14 at BT274078 obsvd 2 VC jumping out of some bunkers and running. The were approx 50 meters away. Unit opened fire. Results: 2 VC KIA (BC) approx 25 yrs old. Carrying packs, ponchos, hammacks & a rice supply for approx 4 days. Both dressed in blk PJ's.


2/C/1-14 at BT308120 rec'd 10 rds SA fire. Unit maneuvered and rtnd fire resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC), neg wpn.


C/1-14 rec'd SA & AW fire from BT270130 & 255130. Requested gunships. Gunships expended ordinance. Spooky requested. Gunships rec'd heavy fire from above locs & BT 260130 & 267131 (village to SW). Results: 1 VC KIA (BC) & 3 US WIA. (evac)


A/1-14 was probed from the SW of their perimeter. Unit rec'd 4 HG, SA & M79 at 259093. Rtnd w/M60 & M79. Calling arty.

22 August 1967


A/1-14 at BT 259093 was probed by rifle grenades & SA fire. Grenades came from the S at approx 100 meters. SAW fire came from SE at 100 meters. Called in Arty. Neg results.


A/1-14 at 266088 rec'd 6 rds of semi-automatic wpns fire from 200 meters to the SE. Ckd area w/neg results.


C/1-14 obsvd 3 VC w/wpns at 258132. They set up ann ambush but VC took a different route. Arty called in. Results: 1 VC KIA (BC) & 2 VC KIA (P) by arty.


C/1-14 at BT281118 called for airstrikes. The 1st one at BT270130. The 2d at BT263110. 8-750 lb bombs and 8 napalm were dropped. Too much smoke for BDA. Helix obsvd 3 VC KIA (BC) for 1st strike. Also obsvd 8 VC KIA (BC) & 2 VC KIA (P) for 2d airstrike.


2/A/1-14 a BT262091 heard movement in a bunker. People refused to come out. 1 grenade thrown into bunker. Results: 1 VN woman wounded, evac to 2d Surg.


C/1-14 reports that as a result of arty msn at 258137 they have 3 VC KIA (P).


C1-14 at 267124 found 1 VC floating in the river about 15 ft from where the downed H-23 is located. He had 2 pistol belts w/ grenades wearing blk shorts & shirt. Had 2-AK47 magazines, 1 VC knife w/scabbard, 1 homemade knife. Killed by arty.


3/B/1-14 has 3 detainees, 1 middle aged & 2 military aged. Will be evac. (272073)



B/1-14 has detained 1 more militry aged male at 272073. will be evac.

23 August 1967


1/A/1-14 at BT263086 rec'd SA & AW fire from est 2-3 wpns. Fire coming from the south approx 400-500 meters away. Unit manewuvered on enemy. Results: 1 VC KIA (BC), 1 AK47 rifle, 1-SKS rifle, 2-AK47 magazines loaded & 3 chicom grenades CIA.


B/1-14 at BT274078 detained 3 male VCS. They were found in a hooch. They had many punji stakes with them and they demonstrated the use of them to CO B/1-14. Evac to hill 54.


C/1-14 called for airstrikes. Helix 13 put strikes in at BT268122 & 282120. Fighters rec'd fire on every pass. Helix observed 2 VC KIA (BC) and 5 structured dest, several damaged. Gunships requested. Helix directed them to hit area of BT278138. They rec'd ground fire. Dest 3 structures. helix 03 put strike in at 278138. Strike at 1210H. No observation made at this time.


At BT278138 1/C/1-14 has 1 VC KIA (BC). The VC took evasive action when he spotted the unit. 1/C/1-14 fired two warning shots over his head but he failed to halt. Engaged w/10 rds M14 semi-automatic at dist of 300 meters. VC was wearing blk shorts, white shirt, no shoes. Had rope belt w/2 chicom grenades & in his shirt pocket had 14 loose rds of M14 ammo. Neg documents.


2/B/1-14 detained 2 males of military age at BT274078. No ID cards, wearing blk PJ's, no shoes. Evac to hill 54


A/1-14 has spotted 8 VC in the open w/wpns at BT270088. Calling in arty. Will not sweep area tonight (too far); will check area in the morning.

24 August 1967


C/1-14 at BT282118 had one woman & two children walk into their perimeter. One of the children was hit by schrapnel and had wounds. Dustoff evac these individuals to 2d Surg. Female will be interrogated by IPW at 2d Surg.


A/1-14 loc BT267088 detained one male suspect. Evac to hill 175. He was wearing blk PJ's & approx 70 yrs old.


B/1-14 loc BT284076 had 16 yr old Chieu Hoi lead them to BT281074 where they recovered a K44 rifle, #E249919238 which he had hidden. He also stated that there were 2 more VC in the area. Unit spotted one VC and opened fire but indiv fled to the west. Also another Chieu Hoi approached them approx 35 yrs old. Neg documents or papers. Evac for interrogation.


Reference 35 yr old Chieu Hoi picked up by 2/B/1-14 at 1230H he is a member of the Farmer's Association Infrastructure. He is VC and been growing crops for the VC.


2/B/1-14 has loc 2 more K44 rifles. Chieu Hoi led unit to these wpns at 297065. SN #2499 & #I9238.


C/1-14 at 279109 has 2 VC KIA (P) by means of arty. Arty msn at 283108 resulted in 1 VC KIA(P).


A/1-14 loc BT255096 apprehended one VN, 35 yrs old. After he was apprehended he claimed to be getting ready to Chieu Hoi. Subj was wearing blk PJ's.


B-LRRP loc BT282080 detained 2 males. One was found in a bunker, the other in a cave. Approx 40-45 yrs old & were carrying some documents. Claim to be Chieu Hoi's, also had a bunch of documents, one w/a man standing w/a weapon.

25 August 1967


B/1-14 loc BT285073 had two VC approach their perimeter from the south. Unit opened fire wounding both VC. VC dropped their wpns and a pack w/documents and fled. Unit followed both VC. VC dropped their wpns and a pack w/documents and fled. Unit followed blood trail which ended in rice paddy. 2 VC KIA (P) & 2 wpns CIA. (K44-#H6595 & Sprignfield-#316995).


1/C/1-14 at BT264126 rec'd three rds of SAW fire 70 to 100 meters from their N-NNW. Rtnd fire w/SA & AW & spotted 2 individual running and they shifted their fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Indiv wearing blk PJ's, no shoes or ID. Checking area for wpn & other VC.


2/C/1-14 loc BT261118 obsvd 1 VC south approx 800 meters. Opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) w/no wpn. VC was wearing blk PJ's, no shoes & had military haricut.


3/B/1-14 while checking area & hooches rec'd AW & SAW fire from 2 AW & 4-5 SAW wpns at 284082. Fire was coming approx 200 meters from the north resulting in 2 WS WIA (slight). Sweep of area produced 4 detainees, one had wounds believed from engagement. IPW will interrogate detainees.


1/C/1-14 has a total of 6 detainees. Five of them claim to be ARVN from Da Nang. They stated they were held captive by 5 VC of which two were killed by gunships yesterday & this allowed the five to escape. C/1-14 killed one of the VC this morning. 2 of the detainees were wounded. IPW says 1 detainee is a VC and he gave some names of VC, including village chief. The two VC guards who were killed by gunships yesterday were carrying 1-AK47 & 1-M2 carbine. Info is from ARVN detainees.


1/C/1-14 at BT260115 rec'd AW & SAW fire from three different locations resulting in 1 US KIA & 1 US WIA. 1st plt rtnd a hvy volume of fire & the 2d &3d plts maneuvered into the contact area. The 1st plt loc 1 VC KIA (BC) in the area dressed in blk PJ's. There were several hvy blood trails in the area leading to the south. Unit followed these rails and come upon what appeared to be an enemy base camp. Several individuals were spotted w/wpns & C/1-14 opened fire and maneuvered into the area. Several VC ran into a cave when C/1-14 opened fire. As unit swept the area they loc 7 VC KIA (BC) wearing various type clothing. C/1-14 heard voices in the cave and attempted to talk the people out. Several HG were thrown in the cave resulting in 4 VC KIA (BC). Numerous packs and grenades were found in the area. 5 wpns were captured: 1-M1, 2-bolt action Nagants, 1-Bolt Action Deer Hunting rifle w/scope, 96 rds of M1 Ammo, 2 rds for rifle w/scope, 30 rds sub-machine gun ammo, 2 empty clips of ammo for M1, 4 packs, inside were found 1 US survival knife & kit, 1 pr of AF sunglasses w/name L.T.Lemmons, first aid packet, 1 hospital kit, 3 red scarves, 1 peice of radio equipment possibly missing from H23, many documents, a pistol belt w/canteen, cup & cover, ammo pouch, 1 US & chicom grenades, 1 VC gas mask, 6 hammacks, 8 chicom grenades, 6 shoulder patches w/inscription of KIQ THANG 9.

26 August 1967


B/1-14 loc BT258080 had 3-C123s spraying area & they rec'd 20 rds SA fire. Airstrike going in area at this time.


1/C/1-14 loc BT258123 engaged 1 VC resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). VC was along trail leading to contact area of yesterday.


1/C/1-14 loc BT258123 engaged 1 VC resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 22 yrs old. Not wearing any shoes.


2/C/1-14 loc BT258123 obsvd 2 VC & took them under fire resulting in 11 VC KIA (BC). Pursued the other resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Results 2 VC KIA (BC). Both had packs and a machette. The first was dressed in grey NVA uniform & blk sandals 19 yrs old & the other dressed in blk PJ's approx 24 yrs old.


B/1-14 loc BT287086 apprehended 1 detainee, who showed them where a well was & volunteered to go in well and help search for a tunnel. In doing so he fell injuring his shoulders. Evac to 2d Surg. Detainee checked by IPW and found out he was a member of the Farmer's Assn.


3/B/1-14 rec'd 10 rds SA fire from BT282084 approx 200 meters west of their loc. Rtnd fire and swept area finding 2 military aged males hiding in bunker. Approx 50 meters west found another bunker & threw a grenade into bunker resulting in 20 yr old female wounded by schrapnel. All evac to hill 54. Femal evac to 2d Surg & males to IPW.


A/1-14 loc BT260115 obsvd 1 VC w/wpn in area of base camp. VC fired one shot at unit and ran into a cave. A/1-14 maneuvered into area & ckd area w/neg results.


B-LRRP had been loc at 291087. At 1855H 2 men went out to put an anti-intrusion device & stepped on what was apparently a mine. Area had no trails leading into it and no signs of recent activity in area. There was a 15' square of thick brush where the mine was employed. The explosion left a hole 1 1/2' deep x 1 1/2' in dia. It also blew over a tree in the area. Results: 2 US WIA (1 serious). At 1945H C&C while making the dustoff at BT287086 rec'd 6-8 rds SA fire from BT282084. Arty was called on area & unit will make thorough search tomorrow.


ARVNs report spotting 6 individuals at 266138 wearing blk PJ's. Arty fired on tgt.

27 August 1967


2/C/1-14 loc one VC KIA (BC) approx 50 meters north of the cave entrance at BT260115. It is believed that the VC was killed as a result of C/1-14 contact on 25 Aug. VC wearing grey shirt & blk shorts, no wpn or documents & carrying plastic bag w/US playing cards, Ho Chi Minh sandals & military haircut.


ARVNs report that arty fired last night at 266138 resulted in 6 VC KIA (BC). ARVNs report that they sent men from the hill to check it out and they stated the VC were buried at above coordinates. VC wearing blk PJ's.

28 August 1967


A/1-14 loc 280105 rec'd sniper fire from approx 300 meters SW. Rtnd w/M79 & called in arty. Results: 1 VC KIA (P).


3/A/1-14 has picked up 2 detainees (male) at 283104. One was approx 35 yrs old, wearing white T-shirt & blk PJ bottoms, the other approx 40 yrs old wearing blk PJ's & Ho Chi Minh sandals. One had fresh haircut & the other had military haircut.


3/B/1-14 while moving south along a trail at 296071 had their point man spot 6 VC w/wpns dressed in blk PJ's, the point man spotted them at 75 meters. The VC split up w/3 moving east & NE. The point man opened up & wounded 1 VC. The other 3 VC were moving south & carried off the wounded VC. Results: 1 VC KIA (P). Pursued w/neg results.


A/1-14 at 289101 reports he has 3 children & 2 women badly burnt. Request dustoff.


C/1-14 spotted 2 VC vic 282120 on top of hill 130. Called in Arty. Results: 2 VC KIA (P).


C/1-14 spotted 3 VC in open at 284144. Fired 2 smoke & 29 HE on target. C/1-14 FO reports VC fell. Results: 2 VC KIA (BC) & 1 VC KIA (P).


C/1-14 reports his elements receiving 7-8 rds of sniper fire from 283136. Called in arty. Neg further action.

29 August 1967


C/1-14 loc 300132 rec'd 3 rds sniper fire from vic 300142. Ckd area w/neg results.

Delayed Entry

At 1100H at 298138 3/C/1-14 spotted 1 VC swimming across the river. Unit opened fire w/2 warning shots but when VC reached the other side he began to run. Unit fired 15 rds of M-16 resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Wearing blk PJ's w/short haircut. Neg documents or wpn.

30 August 1967


2/B/1-14 has spotted 3 VC at 320104. Called in arty. Area well covered. Results: 3 VC KIA (P).



CIB Orders
Alpha Company
August 10, 1967


Valorous Unit
A Co. 1/14th)