From the 1/14th Daily Journal Summaries for the month of
September, 1967

3 September 1967


CAP-I #2 at BT348168 heard a lot of noise from the New Life Hamlet at BT336178. CAP #2 went over to check the area & rec'd approx 25 rds of SA fire from an unk enemy size force resulting in one Marine WIA (slight). Unit rtnd w/ SA fire. A reaction force was sent from CAP-India to reinforce CAP #2. Area was illum and unit went into hamlet. Results: As CAP #2 swept into hamlet they rec'd MG fire from approx 50 meters north of hamlet from est 20 VC. VC were spotted carrying away 4 bodies. some were dressed in green fatigues & steel helmets. Results: 1 PF KIA, 1 PF WIA, 1 Marine WIA & 12 civilians WIA. VC fled NE. CAP #2 pursued w/neg results.

4 September 1967


Approx 30 82mm mortar rds fell outside the perimeter of Hill 54 vic Bunkers #11. Rds coming from azimuth of 3240 mils. Neg casualties. 1/14th will check area in the morning.

5 September 1967


Intell Report: ARVNs are in contact at 256170. Results: 1 friendly WIA, 1 VC wpn CIA & 8 VC KIA.


39th Engr while traveling down Hwy #1 south rec'd fire from approx 3 different locs from the NE. They were approx 2000 meters from Hill 54. F/2-11 has detained 2 men wearing khakis. At 416135 F/2-11 obsvd 3 boats with a total of ten personnel stop at 416135. Occupants were wearing blk PJ's and white hats. Neg further results.


4.2 mtr/1-14 reports 1 mortar round landing on southside of hill 54. Counterbattery called. 1 friendly KIA from 3/A/1-14 from illum cannister. Neg further results.

6 September 1967


1/14th Relay rec'd approx 10 rds of 82mm from vic 263158. Fire ceased and counterbattery was placed on tgt. No US casualties. Est 2 WIA (ARVN). 1/14th 3/4 Ton truck damaged.

7 September 1967


At 332112 3/C/1-14 & CP w/1/C/1-14 following were moving down a trail. Point man heard voices and spotted 4-5 VC running across a rice paddy. Unit opened fire. 3/C/1-14 started maneuvering across the paddy w/ fire resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC) & 2 wpns CIA. 1st VC was wearing light brown shorts & light colored shirt. 2d VC was wearing blk PJ's w/ short haircut. Carrrying pack which contained medical supplies, blk shorts & blk khaki trousers, blue shirt, blk belt w/"F" on buckle, 1-C-ration pack w/heating tablet, little pouch of rice, NVA poncho & NVA hammock. Wpns were 1-Mosinnagant #A1734 w/2 rds of ammo & 1 old type M-1 #3225087.


At 333110 the point man of 1/C/1-14 tripped a booby trap resulting in 3 US WIA (slight). Booby trap was a grenade atch'd to trip wire.

8 September 1967


CAP #2 perimeter at BT331177 rec'd 1 rd of what was believed to be a rifle grenade from the south. Returned fire w/SA &2 rifle grenades. Neg further results.

9 September 1967


2/C/1-14 rec'd 4 rds sniper fire from the high ground at 308124. Fire came from NW at approx 800-900 meters. Called in arty and ckd area w/neg results.


3/C/1-14 spotted 2 VC w/ wpns at 326105.

14 September 1967


2/C/1-14 loc 208129 while searching thru a village spotted 1 VC in a bunker. Unit tried to get VC out of bunker w/neg results. Unit fired into bunker resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 25 yrs old & wearing blk shirt & khaki trousers. VC had 1 hand grenade, 1 NVA poncho, 1 set of blk PJ's and misc documents.


2/C/1-14 loc 208129 spotted another VC, resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 20 yrs old w/approx 300 lbs of rice on him. Neg wpn or documents.


2/C/1-14 loc 208129 spotted another VC run into bunker. Plt threw grenade and the VC threw it back, the plt threw another grenade and again the VC threw it back. On the third attempt they succeeded resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 40 yrs old.


At 239142 Thunder FSB rec'd 5 rds sniper fire from the NE. Fire rtnd.


Thunder FSB rec'd 6-8 rds of sniper fire from the NE. Fire rtnd.

15 September 1967


1&3/B/1-14 while leaving their night loc 196134 rec'd automatic fire from a hill. Action resulted in 3 US WIA. Dustoff completed at 1055H. Area checked w/neg results.


2/C/1-14 loc 212130 moving down a trail rec'd 3 rds of sniper fire. Unit maneuvered & rtnd fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


Gunship reports that he spotted 3 VC w/wpns wearing grey trousers & green shirts. Took them under fire and believes he killed one.


A/1-14 rds sniper at loc 225164. Unit ckd area w/neg results.


A/1-14 loc 228166 rec'd 1 rd of sniper fire from the north at 300 meters. Area ckd w/neg results.


3/A/1-14 rec'd 1 rd of M79 from 223164 resulting in 4 US WIA & 1 US KIA.


1/B/1-14 sqd at 189125 spotted one VC running into a tunnel. Unit threw a grenade resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Subj was dressed in blk PJ's and wearing Ho Chi Minh sandals. Also while sweeping the area they found a hole which could possibly be a sniper position.


3/B/1-14 loc 192133 spotted 1 VC on the south side of the perimeter. Took him under fire at 200 meters resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). VC was wearing blk PJ's & Ho Chi Minh sandals. He had a pistol belt w/an ammo pouch w/10-15 rds of loose M1 ammo. He was wearing a NVA buckle & had a waterproof pouch w/approx 3" of documents.

16 September 1967


A/1-14 receiving sniper fire. Resulted in 2 US WIA (one hit in leg & 1 in shoulder). Dustoff completed at 1440H. Sweeping area.


B/1-14 loc 179125 while moving west spotted 2 VC. They waited & ambushed resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC). VC had US packs w/air mattresses, sweaters & shirts. VC were wearing blk PJ's.


A/1-14 while checking area of sniper this afternoon found 2 VC KIA (BC).


Thunder FSB rec'd approx 6-7 rds sniper fire. Rounds came from the north.

17 September 1967


B/1-14 recieving fire from 2 locations at 179122. Request gunships. Area ckd w/neg results.


A/1-14 at 225161 rec'd sniper fire from 800-900 meters resulting in 1 US WIA & 1 US KIA.


2/D/1-14 rec'd sniper fire 234122 from approx 300 meters. Mortars being called


2/A/1-14 rec'd sniper fire from 216169 resulting in 1 US KIA & 1 US WIA.


1/B/1-14 loc 179115 made w/3 VC resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) & 2 VC WIA and 2 Russian carbines & 1 M1 rifle CIA. VC were wearing grey shirt & trousers & DI hats.


D/1-14 loc 238122 receiving automatic wpns fire from 233119. Maneuvering into area.


3/D/1-14 in contact w/estimated enemy sqd at 233118. Have 1 US WIA; dustoff completed at 1240H.


Thunder FSB at 239142 Rcn/1-14 spotted 4 VC firing into the perimeter. Mortar being called in at 244147.


1/C/1-14 loc 191126 while moving up a hill rec'd 4 rds SA fire. VC was approx 500 meters away. Called in arty resulting in 1 VC KIA (P).


2/A/1-14 at 220164 spotted a VC in a rice paddy approx 400 meters away. Took him under fire w/SA & saw him fall. Will check area in morning. 1 VC KIA (BC).

18 September 1967


1/B/1-14 rec'd fire from 177104 fired by 1 automatic wpn (AK-47) & 3 rds of M79 at approx 250-300 meters. Rtnd fire & called in arty. 1 US WIA (slight). Ckd area w/ neg results.

19 September 1967


D/1-14 loc SE of Thunder FSB rec'd 2 rds of sniper fire. Called in mortars.


B/1-14 loc 180105 rec'd SA fire from 177104. Called in arty and ckd area w/neg results.


D/1-14 has 3 men, 2 slightly, wounded by friendly mortar fire. Medevac rec'd 7-10 rds coming out of D/1-14 loc 237128. The fire came from the village to the south.


D/1-14 loc BT237128 rec'd sniper fire from 222129. Swept area w/neg results.


Rcn/1-14 rec'd semi-automatic wpns fire from 254146. Rcn rtnd fire and while checking area continued to receive fire from same general area. Ckd area w/neg results.


3/C/1-14 at 185126 rec'd 3-4 rds of semiautomatic wpns fire from 195128. Rtnd fire & ckd area w/neg results.


B/1-14 loc 166107 rec'd grenades & SA fire. Calling in arty. While sweeping area rec'd fire from west. Contact resulted in 3 US WIA by M-79. Area ckd w/neg results.


Rcn/1-14 spotted 2 VC. Fired mortars at same. Results unk.

20 September 1967


1/B/1-14 at 165109 rec'd 1--15 rds from the north resulting in 1 US WIA. Rtnd fire. Medevac rec'd 20 rds semi-automatic fire from across the river. Calling in arty.


Rcn 1-14 spotted 2 VC going into a hooch at 245158. Called in 4.2" mortars. Results unk.


2/A/1-14 loc 210164 spotted 1 VC and took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) approx 20 yrs old & wearing blk PJ's.


C/1-14 loc 188135 rec'd sniper fire from village loc 189139. Rtnd fire and found 1 VC KIA (BC).


A/1-14 loc 212161 rec'd 3 rds SA fire from 208157. Call in mortars. Neg results.


1/B/1-14 at 166115 rec'd sniper fire & automatic wpns fire, approx 15 rds believed to be from an AK47 & 3 M-79 rds. Unit maneuvered on the fire & at a distance of 200 meters spotted 3 VC, 2/2pns & 1 M79. Unit killed one & others picked up his wpn and ran to the west. At 1730 3/B/1-14 at 165118 spotted 5 VC, the lead man had a wpn believed to be a sub-machine gun. Unit maneuvered and killed 3 & the others fled in the bushes. At 1845H at 170125 3/B-1-14 rec'd sporadic sniper fire and spotted a VC; took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Total VC KIA (BC) - 5.


2/C/1-14 rec'd sniper fire from vic 191145. While sweeping village at 189139 found 1 VC KIA (BC). Cont'd to sweep & rec'd more AW fire. Gunships assaulted area.


C/1-14 employed gunships at 189139 where they had rec'd SA fire. Swept area & found 6 VC KIA (BC).

21 September 1967


3/C/1-14 rec'd automatic wpns fire from 193143 resulting in 1 US KIA & 1 US WIA. The dustoff extracting the wounded rec'd one hit resulting in leaking fuel. Dustoff was able to make it to Tam Ky. Arty & gunships were placed on enemy location.


1/B/1-14 rec'd automatic & semi-automatic wpns fire from 166127 resulting in 1 US WIA. 1/B rtnd fire & employed gunships. Gunships spotted 4 enemy and 1/B maneuvered capturing 1 enemy officer w/pistol (9mm). Gunships accounted for 1 VC KIA (BC).


1/C/1-14 loc 188157 spotted 7 VC moving around with some sort of material. 2 of the VC were carrying packs and wearing khaki uniforms. Called arty resulting in 2 VC KIA (P).

Delayed Entry - At 1220 2/B/1-14 loc at 166132 spotted 1 VC north of their loc. Unit opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) w/no wpn. VC had a pack containing 3-4 lbs rice, 1 hammock and a change of clothes (blk shirt & shorts). Also had a notebook and wwas approx 25 yrs old.


2/B/1-14 loc 166132 spotted 1 VC running from a bunker. Unit challenged but VC kept running. Unit opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Search of area revealed 1-M2 Carbine Serial #6238005 CIA.


C/1-14 loc 188155 rec'd 20-30 rds fire from what sounded like 3 automatic wpns. C/1-14 maneuvered into area & detained 4 military aged males. Airstrikes & gunships employed. Results: 1 US KIA & 11 VC KIA (BC).


C/1-14 loc 208150 rec'd 2 rds sniper fire north of their loc. Rtnd fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) w/documents. Checked area fro wpn w/neg results.


D/1-14 rec'd fire from 203162. Rtnd fire. Swept area and found 2 VC KIA (BC).


3/B/1-14 at 184180 spotted 5 armed VC, 4 dressed in green uniforms, one blk PJ's. Unit engaged resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC) & 2 wpns CIA (BAR Serial #636932 & SKS Serial #8172672).

22 September 1967


A/1-14 loc 221174 spotted 1 VC & took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) wearing blk PJ's & approx 35 yrs old.


C/1-14 loc 188157 rec'd 2 rds sniper fire. Gunships assaulted area & rec'd heavy ground fire. C/1-14 swept area finding 4 VC KIA (BC).


2/D/1-14 loc 207173 engaged 1 VC running across rice paddy from west to east dressed in blk shirt & blk pants resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). Neg wpn & subj was approx 35 yrs old.


Resupply bird going to C/1-14 loc (173157) spotted 2 enemy wearing green uniforms. Gunships requested and opened fire resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC).

23 September 1967


3/C/1-14 loc 187156 observed 3 VC moving in & out of the wood line. Took them under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) wearing blue pants & shirts and 1 Carbine Serial #857745 CIA. Also had a picture of himself in NVA uniform and 13 rds ammo.


1/B/1-14 loc 180157 spotted 1 VC, took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


1/B/1-14 loc 180157 spotted 1 VC, took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) & 1 grease gun w/40-60 rds ammo and US pistol belt.


3/B/1-14 loc 177154 spotted 1 VC running from bunker, took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) wearing blk shorts, neg wpn.


2/C/1-14 rec'd automatic wpns fire from 193159. Rtnd fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


2/B/1-14 loc 179160 saw 1 VC running from a hole, took him under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


C/1-14 at 193160 spotted 1 VC taking evasive action. Engaged w/SA fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


2/B/1-14 loc 181162 had 1 VC walk into their perimeter. Engaged w/SA resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).


1/C/1-14 loc 187161 rec'd automatic and semi-automatic wpns fire. Rtnd fire & swept area finding 4 VC KIA (BC). 1 had what appeared to be dog tags w/#451 and a cigarette lighter w/#403.


C/1-14 loc 178178 spotted 10 VC & rec'd sniper fire. Rtnd fire resulting in 3 VC KIA (BC) and 1 VC gas mask, 1 US pistol belt, medical supplies, 1-US M-2 CArbine #722096 & misc documents CIA. 1 enemy dressed in grey uniform, 1 blk PJ's & 1 light colored uniform (faded khakis).

30 September 1967


Rcn/1-14 rec'd sniper fire from 2 AW & 1 SAW from 881331. Also found blood trails. Checking area at this time.


Rcn/1-14 OP rec'd one enemy hand grenade at 873328 resulting in 1 US KIA & 2 US WIA. OP rtnd fire. Dustoff complete at 2330H.