From the 1/14th Daily Journal Summaries for the month of

October 1967

1 October 1967

0900 Rcn/1-14 at 873328 found 1 VC KIA (BC) as a result of last night's contact. VC was dressed in grey uniform w/2 US hand grenades, 1 homemade hand grenade & 1 US Pistol belt.

1807 2/C/1-10 Cav (-) saw 1 VC running into a spider hole. Unit detained the man & evac to 3rd Bde IPW. Subj was carrying a grenade & had no ID card.

1820 1/C/1-14 at 914269 has 1 VC KIA (BC). Unit was on a patrol when they saw the bushes moving and the VC ran out & was taken under fire. Subj was approx 22 yrs old, blue shorts, white shirt, 1 ace bandage & was carrying 1 US frag grenade & neg ID.

2 October 1967

1545 1/A/1-14 spotted 3 enemy at 878264. Enemy moved east. Unit pursued and opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC). VC was wearing khakis w/web gear and was carrying transistor radio, rice & billfold.

2030 At approx 1915H Rcn/1-14 OP was moving to their night loc and stepped on a booby trapped mine resulting in 1 US KIA & 3 US WIA. Dustoff complete at 2015H.

4 October 1967

1850 Bde LRRP at 908218 spotted some VC at 933225 moving across to a small island. LRRP took VC under fire w/SA. Results unk. Calling in mortars.

5 October 1967

1230 3/D/1-14 spotted 3 VC, 1 looked like he was carrying a 57mm RR. At 1315H 3/D/1-14 checked out area at 880313, the 3 VC started to run. Unit took them under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) & 1 VC CIA. Both VC were dressed in blk PJ's, the KIA had a white shirt, approx 20-25 yrs old, had pack strap marks on back. The CIA had some papers & a medical kit.

2040 Element from D/1-14 spotted movement at vic 841331; took them under fire & called in illum. 1 individual ran to southeast & took him under fire. Results unk at this time. Will sweep area in morning.

6 October 1967

1020 1/D/1-14 at 872271 spotted 6 VC. Unit took them under fire. The VC threw a grenade at the element resulting in 1 US WIA. Dustoff complete at 1100H. Neg further results.

Delayed Entry: 2/A/1-14 1st sqd spotted 1 VC at 853357. Took him under fire resulting in 1 VC WIA. Dustoff for VC completed at 0913H. Time of incident 0901.

7 October 1967

0750 3/D/1-14 sub spotted 2 VC, 1 w/wpn thru binoculars. 3/D/1-14(-) pursued & rec'd 1 rd sniper from vic 890330. Chk area w/neg results.

0950 Convoy has entered southern part of 1/14th AO at 0950H. One of the vehicles hit a mine at 880307 resulting in 2 US WIA.

9 October 1967

1440 Blue team from 1/9 Cav at 794306 killed 2 NVA with documents & packs. Both enemy had enemy helmets on.

1455 Rcn/1-14 while moving NW spotted 1 enemy at 801283 and took him under fire. Pursuing at this time.

10 October 1967

1313 B/1-14 CP loc 801293 spotted 14 enemy some w/wpns at 805295 moving south in the open on trail. 2/B/1-14 moving ahead on trail for ambush & Rcn/1-14 moving in behind them. Request gunships.

1425 Rcn/1-14 spotted 2 enemy at 802285. Pursuing at this time. Ckd area w/neg results.

1530 Rcn/1-14 has captured 1 VC at 804284. Subj was wearing camouflaged green uniform & was approx 14 yrs old. Subj had no pack or wpn.

2100 3/D/1-14 spotted 1 enemy running to the base of the hill. Unit fired 4 shots at & the lights went out. At 2135H while checking area their NE psn had a grenade thrown at them. Neg casualties. Ckd area further w/neg results.

11 October 1967

Element at 805378 rec'd 60mm mortar rds. Radar loc mortar site at 782385 w/enemy withdrawing to the SW. Green alert called at 0135, terminated at 0200H.

12 October 1967

0710 3/D/1-14 element spotted 2 enemy at 876328. Called in 4.2" mortars and moving to check out area. As element was checking area two VC jumped up, one threw a satchel grenade charge consisting of a bag w/2 US grenades. The grenades failed to detonate. Unit engaged enemy resulting in 2 VC KIA (BC).

0802 3/B/1-14 spotted 6 enemy at 811268. Took them under fire but enemy fled to W-SW. Enemy dropped their packs & Unit retrieved five packs.

0900 2/B/1-14 at 807265 killed one enemy dressed in green uniforms and armed w/SKS. At 803266 killed another enemy w/green uniform & SKS. Both enemy approx 20-25 yrs old. Also found blood trails in area. Results of contact: 2 enemy KIA & 2 SKS CIA.

1130 2/B/1-14 loc 802263 rec'd semi-automatic fire from 803263 by an unk number of enemy resulting in 1 US WIA (slight). Employed gunships & airstrikes in area.

1305 FAC sighted 6 camouflaged hooches, 3 bunkers, and 3 enemy. There were numerous trails in the area. Gunships employed resulting in 3 VC KIA (P).

1415 Rcn/1-14 at 813268 captured 1 enemy and captured 1 AK-47, 3 AK-47 magazines. Enemy was approx 20 yrs old & was wearing green uniform.

1620 B/1-14 at 802262 sighted one(1) VC sniper. Engaged resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) in stream. Enemy was wearing green uniform & approx 21 yrs old.

1735 Rcn/1-14 loc 800264 engaged 1 VC resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC) and captured 1 AK-47 & two AK-47 magazines. Enemy wearing khaki uniform, Ho Chi Minh sandals & was approx 20-25 yrs old.

13 October 1967

1055 At 1055H as 1/B/1-14 maneuvered into the area 797253 they rec'd heavy automatic & semi-automatic wpns fire & M-79 rds from an est enemy sqd. The enemy was at a range of aprox 15 meters. The vegetation was heavy underbrush, causing maneuvering to be very slow and difficult, w/thick overhead canopy. After the 1st plt maneuvered into the contact area they found 3 heavily fortified bunkers, 10'x6'x6' w/18" overhead cover. Each bunker had a camouflaged shelter over it w/many spider holes that afforded excellent supporting fires. The enemy site was along the east bank of the stream at 797253. Within the bunkers the 1st plt found 6 packs w/misc clothing, mostly green uniforms, 1-RPG rocket, 10 M79 rds, 50 rds BAR ammo, 100 rds 7.62 ammo, SKS ammo, 1 belt for unk type MG, 1 paper w/writing on it. During the contact an enemy soldier fired at CO, Co B at a range of 8 meters and was immediately killed. He was dressed in blk PJ's & was approx 25 yrs old w/short haircut. Kill verified by CO, Co B. The contact area contained heavy blood trails and blood on surrounding bushes & trees. Contact began at 1055H & was broken at approx 1730H. B/1-14 employed gunships & arty on enemy location. Results of contact: 1 en KIA, 1 AK-47 CIA, 2 US KIA & 2 US WIA. As 1/B/1-14 made contact 3/B/1-14 was maneuvered to the left flank and made contact w/an estimated sqd at 796254. The 3rd plt maneuvered into the area & found same type camp site as described above along the bak of stream. Again 3 bunkers w/hooches over there and many supporting spider holes. Gunships & arty was employed against enemy at this location. Contact began at 1100H; broken at 1730H. Results: 2 enemy KIA wearing green uniforms, both between ages 20-25 yrs. Many traces of blood in area. 1 US KIA, 1 US WIA. Kills verified by 3rd plt leader, Co B.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned AO performing road security, convoy escort and search and destroy operations with 1 Infantry Battalion, 1 Tank Company, 1 Cav Troop (-) and one Mobile Strike Force. B Co conducted CA on high ground above positions with 2 platoons. Estimated 2 enemy squads sniped at B Co from well camouflaged bunkers and positions. Enemy forces are extremely well trained and diciplined and are thought to be a cadre element of a waystation. Contact during this period was sporadic light contacts.

14 October 1967

0905 2/B/1-14 made contact w/ an unk size enemy force at 798258. Rtnd fire, maneuvering in area.

1010 B/1-14 reports 2 slight US WIA from 1 MG to their front and 1 AK-47 to their right flank. Presently maneuvering.

1110 Rcn/1-14 killed 1 VC w/ SKS at 799258. VC had 1 SKS w/20 rds of ammo, 1 pack & web gear. 2-100 rd magazines (drum type for a MG), 150 rds carbine ammo & 3 rockets (AT?). Also found a base area w/bunkers under hooches, bunkers were 6'x6'x4' deep w/sleeping quarters. Found a mess area w/pots, pans & tins. VC was dressed in green uniform approx 20-25 yrs old. Kill verified by Rcn/1-14 Platoon Leader.

2005 3/D/1-14 had one man knocked down by concussion grenade. Grenade were thrown at their psn from down the kill. Unit estimates 3-4 VC were in front of their psn. Checked hill w/neg results. Neg casualties.

Summary Golden Dragons conducted convoy security mission, road and bridge security and search and destroy operations in assigned area of operations. Bravo Company continued operation in the western portion of the AO making light and sporadic contacts. Mobile Strike Force (A-113 Mike Force) Continued base camp preparations. Plans: BRAVO Company continues to conduct S&D operations in base camp area. Other units continue road and bridge security and local sweep from bridge locations.

15 October 1967

1230 2/B/1-14 at 800259 sighted one enemy moving along a trail. Engaged w/SA resulting in one enemy KIA (BC) & 1 AK-47 CIA. Enemy dressed in green uniform w/military haircut. Approx 20-25 yrs old. Kill verified by LT Ebbitt, Plt Ldr.

1515 3/B/1-14 found one grave at 799258. Inside was one NVA wearing green uniform approx 25 yrs old. Subj had head wound, on left side caused by SA fire. Grave appeared to be one day old.

1700 1/B/1-14 at 797253 engaged 1 enemy w/ SA resulting in 1 Enemy CIA & 1 AK-47 CIA. Enemy dressed in blue sweat shirt and blk trousers over green uniform & approx 26 yrs old. Kill verified by Plt Ldr. Also found enemy base camp at this location.

1750 3/B/1-14 killed one enemy wearing green pants, sandals, web gear & pack at 797253. Unit is presently checking the pack for documents or other info and also looking for weapon.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations to provide security to Hwy 1 (north), convoy security and security of LZ Carentan for advanced party of 198th Light Infantry Brigade. B Company continued operations in the general area of contact searching bunkers and sleeping quarters. Plans include destruction of bunkers and other military structures in this area. B Co had light contact resulting in 4 NVA KIA and 2 AK-47 captured.

16 October 1967

2000 Truck from the 19th Engr hit a mine resulting in 2 US KIA. The mine blew a hole 10' in diameter & 3' deep. The mine was command detonated & 4' of claymore was found leading into the hole.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in area of operations with 1 Infantry Battalion, 1 Armored Cavalry troop (-), and one Mobile Strike Force (A113) (USSF). B Company continued searching base camp area and conducted destruction operations of 19 bunkers and 21 military. Plans include continuation of convoy and route security, cordon and search operations and extraction of B Company and Fox Force.

17 October 1967

0625 1/B/1-14 ambush loc 812255 engaged seven VC dressed in green uniforms w/packs and wpns. En was traveling southwest. Resutls: 1 VC KIA conformed by LT Crabtree, 1 AK-47 CIA and 2 packs CIA. En fled to the NW. Sharks are pursuing.

0850 1/B/1-14 swept area and found 1 AK-50 CIA and 1 en WIA-CIA. 6 packs total CIA.

1000 MSF southern most element has 1 VC with SA wound in arm (slight). Unit followed VC blood trails to VC's loc.

1425 3-/D/1-14 at 903302 sighted 8 VC. VC ran and were engaged w/SA resulting in 3 VC KIA and 5 VC CIA. 3-/D/1-14 completed the search of a tunnel which they had been guided to by a source from Bde MI. VC will be evac to Bde MI.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned area of operations with light contact and sightings. Bravo Company was extracted from western portion of the AO and was A/L to Mt Bronco for standdown after 19 continuous days of search and destroy operations. Plans: Bravo Company conducts maintenance, memorial service and awards ceremony. Other elements continued road security and local patrolling in assigned AO's.

18 October 1967

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned area of operations with light contact and sightings. Plans: Bravo Company will continue standdown and conduct maintenance. Other elements will continue road security and local patrolling in assigned AOs.

19 October 1967

1010 2/C/1-10 Cav (-) while firing H&I's last night w/M79 killed 1 VC. VC was loc on the western portion of the perimeter at LZ Guadalcanal. Subj was wearing white pants & blk shirt approx 25 yrs old.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned areas of operation with light contact and sightings. Mike Force (A113) (USSF) continued search and destroy mission in the southern portion of AO. Plans: Bravo Company and Fox Force will continue standdown and conduct maintenance. Other elements continued road and convoy security and local patrolling in assigned AO, and plan for future operations in AO.

20 October 1967

Summary Golden Dragons continued aggressive offensive operations in the AO. Convoy security and escort was provided to the 1st Log Cmd moving from Bronco to Sa Huynh.

21 October 1967

1040 MSF 62 element while sweeping a village at 931249, sighted a hootch containing 2 VC. When they moved into the hootch, the VC ran, they were engaged w/SA. Results: 2 VC KIA (BC) dressed in blk PJ's approx 20-25 yrs old. Element also has 1 detainee of military age, neg ID, at 933241.

23 October 1967

1058 At 817247 2/A/1-14 spotted 5 VC traveling along trail from NE to SW; VC spotted 2d plt and took evasive action. Friendlies engaged VC w/SA resulting in 5 VC KIA (BC). Searched area and found 2 more VC hiding in a bunker, VC refused to come out so the 2d plt threw a grenade in the bunker resulting in 2 more VC KIA (BC). Total VC KIA (BC) wearing blk PJ's. All military age. Items found in area: 1 canteen (oval shape), 1 can foot powder US type, 1 tube pink ointment, 1 tube of DAGENAN made in Paris, 10 rds ammo type unk, 2 lighters, 1 P38, 1 pr blk PJ's & 1 green uniform.

Summary Golden dragons continued operations in assigned AO, providing bridge security along Hwy 1, convoy escort, and search and destroy operations with Alpha Company after combat assaulting in the area of Bravo's previous contact. Alpha Compnay killed 7 VC and recovered 1 body est 1 week old. Plans: CA of D co. (-) to follow up Intell report and continue security and escort mission.

24 October 1967

Delayed Entry Aloha at 899301 spotted 1 VC fleeing to the south of LZ for 3/D/1-14 CA. The VC was attempting to get rid of a hand grenade. Aloha 01 engaged him w/SA resulting in 1 VC KIA (BC).

0815 At 891306 3-/D/1-14 found one tunnel, heard movement inside. MI team attempted to persuade people to come out w/neg results. The tunnel had to be neutralized w/claymores. A search of the tunnel revealed 1 VC nurce WIA-CIA and 1 NVA cadreman CIA. Also captured 2 medical bags. VC nurse was medevaced and NVA cadreman evac to Bde MI.

Summary Goden Dragons continued operations in the AO. 3rd platoon of D Company conducted CA Southeast of Thunder Mt. in response to an Intell Report. Aloha killed 1 VC with grenade evading during CA. Convoy escort was provided to 60 vehicles from 27 Trans from Quin Nhon. Plans: Fox Force plans "Sparrow Flight" tomorrow.

25 October 1967

0630 1/D/1-14 while searching area where explosion occurred at 2055H, 24 Oct vic 886296 found a hole 5' deep 11" in diameter. Around the hole they found the remains of two VC bodies, parts of an M16, 1 set of wire snippers & 1 M16 magazine. There were many footprints around the hole. Apparently the VC were going to mine Hwy #1 and the explosion blew up on them.

Summary 1-14 (Golden Dragons) continued operations in assigned AO. Operations Conducted: Security of Hwy 1, escort of 100 vehicles from Quin Nhon, and a CA was conducted by Fox Force from Thunder to a village North of this location. 3 VC were killed by D co while planting a mine on Hwy 1. Bodies were strewn over a large area and one M-16 was found. Plans: Continue operations in assigned AO.

26 October 1967

0915 1/A/1/14 killed 1 VC at 828296, age 20, dressed in black PJ's, carrying rice, no wpn, this area is also filled with spider holes.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned AO. Combat operations continued with Golden Dragons reacting to an Intelligence Report with 2 airstrikes and Alpha Company sweeping the area with negative sightings, however, gun flashes were observed by Helix during last pass. Plans: Extract B Co from Carentan and inserting at LZ CHARLIE BROWN.

27 October 1967

0845 1/A/1/14 received 3 rds SA fire at 803263. 1 Friendly WIA (slight). As the 1st plt was moving an enemy engaged with 3 rds SA fire at the point man and ran. 1st plt returned fire and pursued. Presently employing Arty fire and pursued. Presently employing Arty fire to block area and making through search.

1310 3/A/1/14 had an ambush on high ground vic 810267. They spotted 4 indiv traveling along a creek vic 810268, engaged with SA fire resulting in 2 VC KIA. One was wearing NVA pants and blue shirt. Six rolls of rice, 1 NVA canten, 2 NVA pistol belts, 1 poncho, 64 rds AK47 ammo, 1 M-26 Al grenade, 5 pairs of sandals, 2 packs misc clothing, 1 indiv wearing helmet CIA.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned AO. Alpha Company continued operations, searchng for indications of the intelligence report and killed 2 VC. Bravo Company closed into LZ CHARLIE BROWN from CARENTAN, completing security of 198th Bde Base Camp. Plans: a Checkmate operation is planned for Hwy 1, vic bridge 107.

28 October 1967

1239 2/A/1/14 spotted 2 VC at 820261 moving to the NW. The VC were too far away to engage with SA, so the 2nd plt pursued. At 1408 they engaged 1 of the VC with SA fire resulting in 1 VC KIA, military age, wearing black PJ's.

Summary 1/14th Inf continued operations in assigned AO. Operation Checkmate was conducted at bridge 107. Convoy was escorted from Bronco to the south by 1/C/1-10 Cav. Alpha Army continued S&D operations killing 1 VC with SA fire. Plans: Checkmate planned vic Sa Huynh.

29 October 1967

2237 1/D/1/14 located at bridge 106 received 1 rd SA fire from vic 854317. 4/C/1-10 Cav 2 (2nd sqd)/D/1/14 engaged the area with SA fire, called in illum and spotted 5 indiv fleeing area. Engaged with SA fire resulting in 6 VC KIA. D/1/14 will make a thorough check of the area in the morning. At 2325 about 30 meters south of last area C/1/10 Cav received 2 rds of sniper fire. Returned fire and will check area in the morning.

Summary Golden Dragons continued combat operations within assigned AO. Charlie Company conducted a CA from Bronco to high ground West of Sa Huynh. 1/C/1-10 Cav conducted convoy escort of 78 vehicles from Qui Nhon. Checkmate operation was cancelled as National Police were not available on Sunday. Plans: Continues S&D operations by Alpha Army and Charlie Company. Also, a Checkmate will be conducted vic bridge 95.

30 October 1967

0702 A/1/14 checked area of last nights contact and found 2 VC KIA's, 7 packs, and numerous blood trails.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned AO. Alpha Army found 2 bodies at the site of last nights ambush. Convoy escort was provided to Southbound convoy by C/1-10 Cav. C.O., C/1-10 Cav replaced his 10 element with his 30 element. Plans were initiated for movement into AO CAT MIT.

31 October 1967

1400 2/A/1/14 at 798284 found 1 dead VC killed by Arty. Approx 5 days old.

Summary Golden Dragons continued operations in assigned AO, with light contacts from snipers vic of bridge locations. Convoy escort was provided for a Northbound convoy. Plans continued for the relief of 1/14 and AO Dragon by 1/6 Inf.