Battalion Operational Report:

Monthly Evaluation Report (August 1967)


APO San Francisco 9635$
31 July 1967

SUBJECT: Monthly Evaluation Report (Moneval July 1967)

TO: Commanding Officer

196th Light Infantry Brigade

APO San Francisco 96256

   1. General.

a. During the month of July, the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry continued its mission of providing security for the Chu Lai Defense Command. Numerous search and destroy operations and ambush patrols were conducted, primarily in the western portion of the AO, as this area contains the bulk of the VC forces currently opposing the battalion and would be the springboard for him should he plan ground attacks on the CLDC. In conjunction with aggressive ground operations, maximum use was made of available artillery and mortar fire support, gunships, armor support and airstrikes to keep the enemy off balance, impede his movement and seriously curtail his operational flexibility.

b. The battalion conducted surveillance operations of the waterways in the east and southeastern portion of the AO. Elements of the 1/14th Infantry along with Popular Forces troops conducted combines search and clear missions with amtracks. In addition river check points were habitually set up at night along waterway routes of infiltration.

c. Operations conducted by the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry successfully denied the enemy a route of approach to northern Chu Lai area. An effective screen by the battalion reduced the enemy to small probing actions. The enemy was unable to attack or harass RD teams and the populace in pacified areas.

   2. Operations.

a. The battalion conducted search and destroy operations, night ambushes, search and clear, and cordon and search missions. Emphasis was placed on squad size elements saturating a given area to achieve maximum coverage. Elements were employed within close support distance of each other.


b. Number of operations by unit type:

(1) Battalion size operations - 1

(2) Company size operations - 41

(3) Small unit operation - 193

c. Total enemy contacts were 37. The majority of contacts were made during daylight squad/platoon S&D operations in Zones CAT and DOG. Company size operations lasted from 5 to 15 days. Enemy contact was sporadic throughout the month with the heaviest contact made on 19-20 July.

d. Company A, 3rd Bn, 21st Infantry was OPCON to the 1st Bn, 14th Infantry for the period 11-16 July. They conducted S&D operations and night ambushes in the southwestern portion of Zone DOG. During the period Co A had one sighting and received 2 rounds of sniper fire.

e. Special Operations:

(1) A total of 10 "fireball" operations were conducted during the month of July. 4 - 105 How, 1 - tank, 5 - 4.2" mortar.

(2) "Fireball" operations were utilized to extend heavy weapons and artillery coverage to the west into a free fire zone. This technique was used to interdict and harass VC local and main force in an attempt to cause maximum destruction and curtailment of their operational flexibility.

(3) CAP India remained under OPCON of the battalion conducting civic action operations and combined unit patrols in Zone OWL.

(4) Interdiction of enemy routes was conducted by platoon-sized eagle flight operations into areas of suspected enemy concentrations.

(5) Police of inland waterways was conducted with the use of amtracks in conjunction with RF/PF forces and GVN officials. In addition river ambushes were conducted by US Forces to search boats and check individuals.

f. A total of 24 close support airstrikes were conducted in the area of operations during the month. (Strike Summary Enclosure #1)

g. Training:

(1) During the month of July the battalion was engaged in continuous tactical operations. Each company conducted training while on standdown at Hill 54.

(2) Subjects stressed during training:

(a) Small unit tactics.

(b) Range firing, care and cleaning of M16 rifle.

(c) Mines and booby traps.

(d) VC tactics.

(e) Map reading.

(f) Adjustment of artillery and mortar fire.

(g) Radio/telephone procedures.

(3) The quick fire and KD ranges were utilized periodically by assigned and attached elements of the battalion to increase their marksmanship. All newly assigned personnel were required to negotiate the assault course in addition to zeroing their weapons.

(4) 149 personnel attended classes on mines and booby traps at the Charger Academy during the month. The instruction was valuable to all elements.

(5) Thirteen EM attended the 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry NCO Preparatory School. All successfully completed the course.

(6) Perimeter Security and Base Camp Developments:

(a) During the month, the battalion continued to improve the 26 bunkers on the perimeter. A program to prepare them for the monsoon is underway.

(b) Two OP/s were manned nightly on the high ground to the south and northwest of the base camp. Roving patrols were employed daily around the perimeter augmented with night ambushes.

(c) Interior protective bunkers were constructed for all personnel inside the perimeter.

(d) Numerous improvements have been made on the interior of the base camp in preparation for the monsoon. Additional improvements are continuing.

   3. Enemy Activity.

a. The 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry recorded 37 enemy contacts during the month of July. The enemy continued to employ booby traps and make maximum use of snipers.

b. The enemy continued to evade or avoid contact with US Forces. During the month of July there appeared to have been an increase in the size of enemy groups traveling in the vicinity of the AO. There was evidence of new positions being constructed and old ones being repaired and rebuilt in the western portion of the AO. It appears that the enemy is preparing for a larger force to move in the area during the monsoon season.

c. Enemy KIA and Weapon CIA: During the month the 1/14th Infantry accounted for the following enemy casualties:

Enemy KIA (BC) - 25

Enemy KIA (P) - 46

Weapons CIA - 4

d. There were 22 sniper incidents and 18 mine and booby trap incidents during the month.


Our special thanks to Cpt. Mark Morris, former 1967 Bn Artillery LNO to 1/14th Infantry, for supplying the 1967 Bn Operational Reports. This is the first of many to be transcribed and posted.