From the 1/14th Daily Journal Summaries for the month of
April 1-7, 1968

1 April 1968


3/D/1/14 vic 862151 detained 1 man w/neg ID. Evac to LZ GERONIMO.


"Golden Dragons" continued operations in PATRICK AO(Cochise AO) and continued operational control of 173rd Abn Brigade. Delta 20 was lifted by CH-47 to the bridges. 3/C/1-10th was relieved by the 1st platoon of 1-10th Cav for security of bridges 87-94. 2/C/1-10th was placed OPCON Bravo Company at the Bong Son Bridge. Alpha Company(-) continued operations in the An Loa Valley. Alpha spotted 4 individuals w/wpns and packs. Engaged s/SA and followed a blood trail until darkness.

Plans: Continue security of bridges in zone and conduct S&D operations in the An Loa Valley with Alpha Company(-) and sweep the area of contact. Charlie Company continues security at LZ ENGLISH.

2 April 1968


3/A/1/14 sub el vic 761044 found 1 VC KIA 25 yrs old neg pack or wpn. Killed on 1 April and had a document.


3/A/1/14 vic 764014 detained 3 indivs(2 females w/ID and 1 child). Detained for questioning by interpreter. Questioned and released.


"Golden Dragons" continued operations in AO COCHISE under operational control of 173rd ABN Bde. Alpha Company continued operations in the An Loa Valley recovering 1 VC KIA from the previous nights contact. Delta Company continued local sweeps vicinity of LZ GERONIMO. Charlie company secured LZ ENGLISH.

Plans: Continue security of the bridges along highway #1 and secutity of the firebase, LZ ENGLISH and LZ LARAMIE.

3 April 1968


"Golden Dragons" continued security mission along Highway #1 and the Bong Son Bridge with Delta(-) and Bravo Companies. Alpha(-) continued search and destroy operations in the An Loa Valley with two platoons. LZ ENGLISH and LZ GERONIMO received SA fire or grenades. Negative casualties were reported. Charlie Company provided a platoon to C/1-10 for a local operation in the "Golden Dragon" AO in response to an intelligence report.

Plans: "Golden Dragons" continue S&D operations in the An Loa Valley with Alpha(-) and a Recon Team. Golden Dragons continue security on LOC with Delta(-) and Bravo Company.

4 April 1968


B/1/14 el one mile south of Bong Song Bridge an ARVN 3/4 T Trk ran into a B el 2 1/2 T Trk. Results one Arvn was KIA and 3 WIA. MP stated thru investigations ARVN were at fault.


Plans from tomorrow 2,3,CP A/1/14 to move by lift to LZ Tom loc 896085 ASAP 5 Apr.

5 April 1968


Golden Dragons continued operations in Cochise AO while OPCON 173d ABN Brigade. Delta Company continued security of northern bridges and conducted local sweep vic LZ Geronimo. Alpha Company lifted from An LOa Valley to LZ Tom and conducted a sweep to the north along Highway #1 as a result of a hand grenade incident vic Tam Quan. Bravo Company continued security Bong Son Bridge.

Plans: 1/14th Infantry conducts movement to LZ English for deployment to Mac Arthur AO.

6 April 1968


Spot report Delta element reporded at location 879168, 4 VN children picked up a dud M-79 round. One of the VN threw it resulting 1 KIA and three WIA. Children were evacuated by a dustoff at 0820 hrs.


GOLDEN DRAGONS(-) Closed into LZ English from LZ GERONIMO, LZ Laramie, and the Bridge location to the North. 1-14th Infantry was relieved in COCHISE AO by 3/503d Abn Inf. Bravo Company continued security at Bong Song Bridge.

Plan: GOLDEN DRAGONS prepare for deployment to MacAuthur AO and OPCON 3rd Bde, 5th Infantry. Bravo will be relieved of security at Bong Song Bridge and close LZ English, Advanced Party will depart LZ English to Kontun City Via 2 C7A's sorties tomorrow. Battalion(-) will hook to Phu Cat on 8 April and depart Via C-130 for Polie Kleng Airstrip.

7 April 1968


GOLDEN DRAGONS Continued preparations for deployment to MacArthur AO and completed relieve of Bravo Company in Cochise AO by 2/503d Abn Infantry, Advance party departed with two 1/4 Ton trucks and 10 personnel from LZ English Via (2) C7A sorties. The Battalion(-) conducted an overland convoy move to Phu Cat AB Via (25) 2 1/2 Ton Trucks and bivouac on the Airstrip awaiting C-130 aircraft. The TOC departed LZ English with C/1-10 Cav(-) as escort.

Plan: GOLDEN DRAGONS Deploy to MacArthur AO and assume Operational control of 4th Infantry Division from Phu Cat AB. Upon arrival at Ploei Kleng the Golden Dragons will bivouac on the Airstrip for further deployment to the AO.

APRIL 8-14