Location:  LZ St. George

Attack on St. George.

6 November 1969   From Bde to Bn   At 0030 hours, D Company reported incoming rounds (B-40 and small arms) to
St. George.  At 0035 hours, reported enemy inside the wire.  Enemy inside the wire were throwing satchel charges.  Ma-
jority of small arms and B-40 fire came from south to north-west.  At 0055 hours, reported that enemy was trying to come
through the south gate.  Employed small arms and claymores.  Exchanging small arms throughout the evening.  At 0210
hours, reported enemy in the wire to the west and also in trenchline in same vicinity.  Scattered contacts and erratic reports
until 0530 hours.  Employing light organic, 4.2 and artillery.  Also employed gunships, shadow birds, and flare ships through-
out the evening.  Times to be forwarded later.  At present time we have 22 known WIA, 3 KIA and one KIA from 2/9 arty.
Known enemy dead is 30 - 40.  Will sweep at first light, and more detailed information to follow.  Scattered contacts still being
made at 0615 hours.

11...  To Bde from Bn...  Casualty Reports:  9 KIA, friendly and 31 WIA, friendly.

Charles Lowry  A Co.
Thomas Putman  A Co.
Larry Robinson   A Co.
William C. Ray  B Co.
Bradley Logan   D Co.
Donald Hedgecock   D Co.
Raymond Foerster  D Co.
Ronald DeLong   HHQ
David Gamble   2/9 Arty.

31 WIAs:
A Co:  Sampson, Schieder, Squires, Pulleschi, Bowden
B Co:   McKenzie, Ayala, Swartz, Jenkins, Megines, Lockhart
D Co:   Neal, Adder, Bolinger, Lewis, Price, Gowhick, Dullard, Kessler, McBrimmon, Espinoza, Lee, Kacielko, Main,
            Bathgate, Dowling, Dobbs

E Co:   Allan and Murphy, both from Recon.
HHQ:   Dixon
Engr ... Pruitt


Bryant Logan  (KIA) 6 Nov 69


Doc Ron Delong (KIA), Brian Lee (WIA)