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From the Daily Journals of the 1/14th

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1-Jan-1970 Camp Enarie

New Year's Day at Camp Enarie  from the photos of David "Doc" Brown
Camp Enarie (Pleiku)  from the photos of Randy Bauman
Jan 1970 The 4th Infantry Division relocated from Pleiku to An Khe.

Convoy   from the photos of Randy Bauman
Base Camp at An Khe  from the photos of (Sgt.) Don Price
Camp Radcliff/An Khe Base Camp  from photos of Randy Bauman
LZ Tuffy   from photos of Randy Bauman
Mar/Apr 1970 Hard Times (Bravo)  

LZ Hard Times  from photos of David "Doc" Brown  
LZ Hard Times  from the photos of Randy Bauman
LZ Hard Times/Another View  from the photos of Wayne Muhr  C Btry 6/29th 
Late April 1970 Battalion Commander, LTC Andrew Simko, was killed in a helicopter crash, during a multi-battalion encirclement operation North of AnKhe.  He was followed by temporary Battalion Commander, LTC Robert Naylor.  The 4 rifle company commanders at that time were: Cpt. Jimmy Wheeler, Alpha Co;  Cpt. Jerry Roberts, B Co;  Cpt. Gordon Anderson, Charlie Co;  and Cpt. Bob Pickett, Delta Co..  
14th INFANTRY PRESS COVERAGE: April-Oct: by Stephen Heck
May 1970 Into Cambodia... Operation "Tame The West"

"One Man's Memory of Cambodia" by Lt. Colonel Robert L. Pickett (retired)
4-May-1970 Convoy from Camp Radcliff to New Plei'D'Jereng
LTC. Naylor, the Dragon, Maj. Scott, XO and Cpt. Pickett, OPS
LZ Dragon/Cambodia   from the photos of David "Doc" Brown
LZ Dragon/Another view  from the photos of Wayne Muhr   C Battert, 6/29th
May 1970 COMMAND ROSTER  5/70-12/70

XO:  1st Lt. William (Wild Bill) Cody

BRAVO COMPANY:  Commander: Cpt. Jerry Roberts  

DELTA COMPANY:  Commander: Cpt. Robert Pickett  
1st Sergeant: Gene Lusk  
1st Platoon:  1st Lt. Robert E. Szigethy
                   PSG... SSG McCormick
 2nd Platoon:  ???
                   PSG... SFC Breidinger
 3d Platoon: No officer.  Led by PSG Bill Funderburk 
7-May-1970 KIA  Sp4 Eugenio Barbosa-Oyola  C Co.
12-May-1970 KIA Pfc. Horacio A. Fonseca-Vargas  C Co.
KIA Pfc. Charles Koon  C Co.
KIA Sp4. Philip Bennett  HQ Co.  .
5-June-1970 4 KIA from Bravo Co. when their helicopter was shot down:
KIA 1st Lt. Dennis Dotson,
KIA SP4 Robert Goselin
KIA Pfc. Robert Hill
KIA SP4 Steven Stefanski.
8-Dec-1970 1st Battalion was reduced to zero strength at An Khe, Vietnam, with the exception of a battalion color guard, which returned the regimental and 1st Battalion colors to Schofield Barracks.
15-Dec-1970 The 1st Battalion was reassigned to the 25th Division and the 3rd Battalion, 14th Infantry, was inactivated with it's personnel and equipment reassigned to the 1st Battalion.



Feb-Apr 4th Div Ops Report

May-Jul 4th Div Ops Report

Aug-Oct 4th Div Ops Report

(Thanks to Kevan Welch, D Co
for above Reports)



Randy Bauman

Don Price

Tommy Kirk

"Doc" Brown

"Doc" Livewell

Robert Pickett

Gary Lewis

John Bryan

6/29th Artillery

Rick Ericksen