Bravo Company - Spring 1970 - An Khe / Camp Radcliff
Photos from Don Price

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An Khe / Camp Radcliff

[1]  Aerial view of An Khe Base Camp (Camp Radcliff)
[2]  "Jackknife" bridge,  [3]  View of An Khe base camp,  [4]  Motor pool

[5]  Buildings at An Khe,  [6]  Bunker and Huey,  [7-8]  Bridge,  [9]  Coastal mountains east of An Khe

[10]  Bob White pops smoke,  [11]  Collins, Rudy Ratliff,  [12]  "Doc" Hayes
[13]  Don Price, Larry Cary,  [14]  Resupply chopper

[15]  Coastline east of An Khe,  [16]  Dragon Mountain,  [17]  Twilight at An Khe
[18]  View from base camp

The Road to Pleiku

[19]  Road to Pleiku from Camp Enari
[20]  Buddhist Pagoda on the road to Pleiku
[21]  On the back streets of Pleiku

POW Mission

[22]  Lt. Green worked with ARVNs on POW mission,  [23]  POW compound hooch in flames
[24]  1800 pounds of tobacco burning at POW compound
[25]  ARVNs who escaped the compound and led us to it
[26]  Goofy Grape marks LZ for brass to land for inspection of POW compound

Don Price's 1969 photos of Fire Base Weigt-Davis and LZ Lois




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