Golden Dragons . . . Do you have photographs of your tour in Vietnam?  We want to hear from you,
and add to our collection.  Our goal is to get a photo of each man who served in the battalion!


Echo Company
(Organized August 1, 1967 - prior to this date Recon and Weapons Platoon were attached to HHC)


1967 Fox Force Weapons of War


1968 Fox Force "Little Fox"
1968 Fall - Weapons Platoon  Photos - Wayne Buckingham  


1969 Fox Force LZ Brillo Pad
  1969 Early  Cam Ranh Bay and other areas


  1970 - In the field - Rick Ericksen, 2/9th Arty RTO
  1970 Big Guns - 6/29th Artillery at LZ Hard Times / LZ Dragon



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